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Gender on the Ballot

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation and the Women & Politics Institute at American University are proud to partner for Gender on the Ballot, a nonpartisan project to examine and contextualize gender dynamics in politics. As the conversation and culture around running for office in the United States continues to evolve, Gender on the Ballot will contribute to the national dialogue on gender and politics through accessible content from experts and practitioners.

Barbara Lee Family Foundation

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation advances women’s equality and representation in American politics. Our work is guided by our core belief that women’s voices strengthen our democracy and enrich our culture. For two decades, elected officials, candidates, and practitioners have used Barbara Lee Family Foundation research to better understand the obstacles and opportunities facing women in politics.

American University’s Women & Politics Institute

The mission of the Women & Politics Institute is to close the gender gap in political leadership. We provide young women with academic and practical training that encourages them to become involved in the political process and facilitates research by faculty and students that enhances our understanding of the challenges and opportunities women face in the political arena.

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Posts from Gender on the Ballot experts and contributors do not reflect the opinions of Gender on the Ballot, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, or American University’s Women & Politics Institute

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