Eleanor Herman

Eleanor Herman is the New York Times best-selling author of Off With Her Head: 3,000 Years of Demonizing Women in Power, published in September 2022.

Publisher’s Weekly calls it “Brisk and witty…this feminist history enrages and entertains.” Kirkus Reviews wrote, “Using enlightening humor as well as righteous, well-founded frustration and anger, Herman effectively deconstructs the tendency of men to focus on hair, voice, clothing, and body type rather than pertinent qualifications and accomplishments…a nice balance of serious inquiry and well-placed levity. Timely and politically spot-on…”

Herman’s first book, Sex with Kings, examines the lives of European royal mistresses; women who were not allowed to run for office or receive a university education and could, therefore, only win power and wealth in the king’s bed. Sex with the Queen explores the lives of royal consorts, women in gilded prisons, valued mostly for their childbearing capacity, many of whom managed, somehow, to find a bit of happiness against all odds. Sex with Presidents investigates the love affairs of US and European presidents and prime ministers.

Herman has given her spin on the female side of history on The History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and the American Heroes Channel. She lives with her husband in McLean, VA along with their four very badly behaved rescue animals.


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