Jennifer Palmieri

Author and President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund

Jennifer Palmieri is a writer and one of the most accomplished communications advisors in politics today. The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Dear Madam President,” Jennifer was White House Communications Director for President Obama and head of Communications for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. She has been on the frontlines of American politics for 20 years and one of a few people with a hands-on, working knowledge of the complex media environment operating in the U.S. today. Her second book, “She Proclaims: Our Declaration of Independence from a Man’s World” was released in 2020.

Having served in the West Wing for 12 years under President Obama and President Clinton, she has an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience in understanding how US Presidents operate and there is no one working in politics today with more experience in managing crises. She has held the positions of White House Deputy Press Secretary for President Clinton, national press secretary for the Democratic Party and press secretary for the 2004 John Edwards presidential campaign. As someone who worked on the campaign of the first female Democratic nominee, and been a communications advisor to women in the national spotlight, she has a unique perspective on how media and voters treat women in powerful positions.

After losing her sister to early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2017, she has written and spoken about her family’s experience in an effort to aid other families facing the same disease.

She is currently President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, frequently appearing on television, radio outlets, and lectures throughout the country. Jennifer received her B.A. from American University’s School of Public Affairs.

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