Zandria Haines

Vice President, SBDigital

Zandria Haines is responsible for developing and coordinating effective multi-touch communication strategies and tactics that help move the needle for candidates and progressive organizations across the country.  Previously at Hustle, she managed the political client success team, who trained and supported over 1,300 candidates, 45 state parties, and 3 national committees. She worked closely with campaigns and organizations of all sizes to build a strategy to engage and mobilize voters, which included the roll out of the first ever peer to peer texting program for the Democratic National Committee. During the midterm elections, her clients broke records of response and conversation rates with 200 million genuine conversations over text to over 47 million voters.

In addition, she has held positions at Spoken Hub and Chism Strategies, and has over a decade of experience in direct voter contact. Zandria has worked with hundreds of candidates at every office level, helping them execute thoughtful and data driven campaigns.

A native of Tupelo, MS, Zandria graduated from Millsaps College with a B.A. in Psychology and is an alumna of the WeLead, Women and Politics Institute at American University. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, son, and dog Boomer.

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