Could 2020 Be The Year Of The Successful Angry Woman?

Feb 25, 2020


While the increase in fundraising dollars is one form of success, being called an angry woman is still perceived of as a character attack in any industry. In electoral politics, being called angry is “a tried-and-true attack on women candidates, which plays into the stereotype that women are ‘too emotional’ for politics,” said Amanda Hunter, Director of Research & Communications for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation.

Since 1998, the foundation has done nonpartisan research for women candidates and recently published a report titled Gender on the Ballot, a deep dive into the idea of electability with American University. That report found that nearly 80% of respondents said the United States is ready to elect a female president. It also found that the so-called “beer test” or the question of whether or not a voter would want to hang out socially with a candidate, fell as a measure of electability for more voters. Voters were more persuaded by candidates that can reflect a ‘deep understanding of the challenges that average Americans face.”

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