How Does Gender Factor Into the 2020 Presidential Race?

Jan 14, 2020


“For hundreds of years in this country, politics has meant three things,” said Amanda Hunter of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation. “It’s meant straight, white and male.”

The foundation, which is dedicated to advancing women’s representation in American politics, has been researching this topic for decades.

Hunter says electability is often a code word for sexism.

“The notion that women are unelectable is a tired myth,” she said.

The results of the 2018 elections included a record number of diverse women being elected to top offices around the country.

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has also done research to back that up.

“We did a study this summer, with our partners at American University, for Gender on the Ballot, where eight in 10 voters rejected the notion that America is not ready for a woman president,” Hunter said.

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