‘Women Have To Show While Men Can Tell:’ When Women Run For President

Aug 21, 2019

WBZ NewsRadio | Laurie Kirby

When you have multiple women on the debate stage, “What changes… is that women don’t have to be the sole representative of their gender,” Amanda Hunter, the Research and Communication Director at the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, said.

The Foundation is a partner of Gender on the Ballot, a nonpartisan project that is working to “examine and contextualize gender dynamics in the 2020 election cycle,” according to their website.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Laurie Kirby spoke with Hunter before the second night of the debates. The two discussed the women currently running for president, the challenges they face, and the tactics they use on stage.

Hunter said one focus of the research the Foundation conducted with the Gender on the Ballot project was the concept of electability.

“It’s important to remember that the four sitting women senators running for president have proven that they can win a statewide election when a number of men that are running have not won statewide races. And yet, it seems like over and over the women’s electability seems to be questioned more,” Hunter said. “So, we wanted to delve into it and see what voters actually think make someone electable.”

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