Month: March 2024

Gender on the Ballot will be taking a pause
| Mar 23, 2024

Last year, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation announced the organization will be sunsetting in December 2024. As we continue to navigate this transition, the Gender on the Ballot blog will  takea pause.   Stay tuned for news about our site in the near future.  Until then, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for …

Paychecks as a women’s issue in 2024
| Mar 21, 2024

  It is no news that Americans are worried about money.  Polls repeatedly show that cash in hand each month, and the rising cost of living, are top of mind for voters.  A Pew poll last month showed that 73% of Americans thought the economy should be the country’s “top policy priority.”  More specific surveys …

Navigating Double Standards for Women of Color Candidates
| Mar 1, 2024

  In 2024, more women of color have stepped up to run for office on multiple levels, in addition to incumbents seeking re-election. This is great news for the possibility of increasing representation for women of color in government, but women of color must expect and guard against the inevitable double standards that surface. In …

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