NEW Gender on the Ballot Research: What Does Electability Mean to Voters?

Jul 26, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gender on the Ballot, a partnership between the Women & Politics Institute at American University’s School of Public Affairs and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, today released new research on what “electability” means to voters in 2020.

On behalf of Gender on the Ballot, Benenson Strategy Group conducted an online survey with 800 likely 2020 voters from July 10-15, 2019. Here are the top findings:

  1. To voters, electability is about empathy, toughness, and substance. By contrast, few voters consider the “beer test” or fundraising advantages when determining electability.
  2. More than half of voters have heard the media talk about how women candidates are unelectable, but about 8 in 10 voters reject the idea that the country isn’t ready to elect a female president.
  3. Both Democrats and Republicans are more likely to think it’s important to appeal to swing voters than the base.

The full findings are available here.

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