#MeToo: An Issue that Transcends Party

For women candidates especially, there may be a gendered expectation that they are out front on this subject and, for some, shining a light on sexual harassment may be a personal priority.

The Trump Effect

Is Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency really pushing women everywhere to throw their hats into the political ring? Is Donald Trump such a shock to the political system that he’s able to spark the kind of political activism and ambition that previous political candidates and major political events simply could not?

Modern Family: How Women Candidates Can Talk About Politics, Parenting, and Their Personal Lives

Women candidates and elected officials are often asked about their family lives: “Are you married? Who’s taking care of your kids? As a single parent how would you manage your job as an elected official and your role as a parent? How can you relate to families if you don’t have kids?”

Sex, Bipartisanship, and Collaboration in the U.S. Congress

Despite growing bodies of research about party polarization, women’s leadership, and legislative effectiveness, largely open questions still remained. Until now.

Politics is Personal: Keys to Likeability and Electability for Women

likeability is a non-negotiable quality voters seek in women officeholders and candidates. At the same time, it’s an intangible quality. Voters have difficulty clearly defining what it means to come across as likeable.

Not a ‘Year of the Woman’… and 2036 Doesn’t Look So Good Either

The 2014 election saw some incredible firsts for women; but when historians look back on the 2014 election, it will not be dubbed the “Year of the Woman.”

Happy Pride Month!

To celebrate pride month, we’re highlighting some of the amazing people who paved the way for LGBTQIA+ representation in American politics: Kathy Kozachenko First openly gay candidate to run successfully for political office in the United States, 1974 Elaine Noble First openly gay candidate elected to a state legislature, 1974 Harvey Milk One of the …


  Resources from Gender on the Ballot, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, and the Women & Politics Institute at American University include must-know research on women running for office, as well as original polling.

The women in the Democratic primary debates will make history. Here’s how moderators can do the same.

  There have been more than 170 Democratic and Republican presidential primary debates broadcast since the first radio debate in 1948; in that time, only five women have ever participated. On Wednesday and Thursday, in the first Democratic debate of the 2020 primary season, six women — Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; Kamala Harris …

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