Gender at the Texas Primary


Vice President Joe Biden won Texas with 35% of the vote, the second biggest delegate prize of Super Tuesday, beating out Bernie Sanders (30%), Mike Bloomberg (14%), and Elizabeth Warren (11%).

What do we know about the women of Texas who voted in the Democratic primary.

In terms of turnout, women once again made up a majority of Democratic primary voters – totaling 56% of the electorate.



Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

In the end, it was the big turnout of women voters who delivered the Texas victory to Biden. The former Vice President picked up 33% of the female vote compared to 27% for Sanders, 15% for Bloomberg, and 14% for Warren. Men, on the other hand, supported Sanders (34%) over Biden (33%).


Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

And what about the gender gap – how did women differ from men in who they supported?

Men were more likely than women to support Sanders (a 7 point gap) and Bloomberg (a 1 point gap). On the other end of the spectrum, women were more likely than men to support Elizabeth Warren (a 7 point gap).


Source: 3/3/20 Texas Exit Poll/Edison Research/National Election Pool

Note: The Texas Republican Party did hold a presidential preference contest with President Trump receiving 94% of the vote and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld receiving 1% of the vote. There is no exit poll data available.

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