Lifting Women’s Voices Up – on Galentine’s Day and Every Day


What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. It’s a day dedicated to lifting anyone who identifies as a woman up, or as Leslie Knope would say, “ladies celebrating ladies.”

To celebrate this year, we are lifting up some of our favorite women’s publications. Just five years ago, many people still believed that “women’s news” and “world news” were two separate categories. But if you visit these publication’s websites, you can just as easily find interesting and smart takes on fashion at the Oscars as voters at the Iowa Caucuses. Because as we’ve said time and time again, all issues are women’s issues.

If you read our weekly media round ups you know what we’re talking about, but there are so many great publications out there addressing the issues that matter to women – across the board. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Cosmopolitan. Cosmo has been offering “the modern woman” advice on a range of topics since the 1960s. You can find their political coverage here. We especially recommend taking a look at their 2020 election series, “The Candidates come to Cosmo.”

  • Bitch. Bitch Magazine & Bitch Media are known as the “feminist response to pop culture,” and they’re dedicated to analyzing everything from movies to politics from the feminist perspective. You can find their political coverage here, as well as a special focus on the 2020 election here.

  • Bustle. Bustle caters to young women, offering US and UK political coverage on the issues women care about the most. You can find their news page here, which features their 2020 articles right at the top.

  • Elle: Elle got its start in France in the 1940s, and has included longform feminist political coverage right next to fashion content from the very beginning. Today you can read their Politics & Power stories here.

  • Glamour: One of the original glossy magazines, Glamour was first published in the late 1930s and has always been focused on lifting up women’s personal stories. You can read their cultural coverage – which includes women’ issues, politics, and career advice – here.

  • Marie Claire. Marie Claire is another one of the original glossy mags, tracing back to the 1930s. Today, their news coverage often offers a unique women-focused perspective you might not find at other outlets. You can find their political articles here.

  • Refinery29. Refinery29’s main audience is also young women, and they report on everything a young woman might care about. Their political coverage in particular offers a unique perspective on the stories of the day, which can be found here. And don’t miss their 2020 election series here.

  • Teen Vogue. Teen Vogue has been reporting on the issues teens care about for years, but their political coverage went largely unnoticed by mainstream outlets until their bombshell 2016 article on President Trump. Since then their commitment to educating and elevating teen women’s voices and stories has only grown. You can find their comprehensive political coverage here.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We are so grateful for all of the incredible women’s publications and journalists making sure that women’s stories are heard – on Galentine’s day and every day.

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