Media Round-Up: Week of January 7, 2024

BLFF Team | Jan 12, 2024


Happy Friday! Welcome to our Media Round Up. Each week, we’re collecting and sharing gender + politics stories. Here’s what caught our eye this week: 


‘You can’t do this alone:’ Cherelle Parker reflects on her first week as Philly’s mayor 

Sean Collins Walsh, The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Earlier this month, Cherelle Parker was sworn in as mayor, Philadelphia’s 100th and the first woman to serve in the position. A week into her new role, Mayor Parker asserts that her job is one that cannot be done alone. In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Parker said, “You get here in this office, and I was like, ‘Cherelle, you were spot-on. You can’t do this alone. It takes a hell of a whole lot of people to do this. I don’t care who you are.” Over the next few weeks, Mayor Parker’s moves include choosing leaders for her administration and working with City Council and their new president, Kenyatta Johnson.  

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Nikki Haley avoided creating controversy for months. Not anymore. 

Dylan Wells and Hannah Knowles, Washington Post 

For the first 11 months of her campaign for president, Nikki Haley has rarely created controversy; until now. Over the past couple of weeks, the presidential hopeful has drawn some criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for failing to mention slavery when asked about the cause of the Civil War at a town hall. In an attempt to correct her previous remarks, Haley later acknowledged that the Civil War was about slavery. As Haley continues to rise in the polls, she has faced increased scrutiny over her words, something that her and her allies have said, “… is a sign of her growing strength and momentum in her race.”  

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All-Female City Council Marks a ‘Turning Point’ for a Twin City 

Remy Tumin, New York Times 

The first all-women St. Paul City Council was sworn into office on Tuesday of this week. A member of the council that has represented Ward 6 since 2020, Nelsie Yang, said the moment was surreal and, “frankly, long overdue.” St. Paul is believed to be one of the first largest cities in the country to have the distinction of an all-female City Council. Historians say the history making continues as all seven council members are under 40 years old and six of them are women of color–making this city council the youngest and most racially diverse in St. Paul’s history. The city council is made up of three incumbents and four newcomers and their former occupations include teachers, nonprofit executives, community organizers, congressional aides, and a civil engineer.  

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How 3 Indigenous women are leading the way on climate change

B.‘Toastie’ Oaster, Anna V. Smith and Joaqlin Estus, High Country News, The 19th*

As conversations about climate change and its solutions continue to move to forefront, Indigenous peoples’ expertise and knowledge systems of the land is often left out. As a result, High Country News’ Indigenous affairs team compiled profiles of three Indigenous women to highlight their knowledge in the climate realm. The profiles of Amelia Marchand (Colville), Lydia Jennings (Pascua Yaqui and Huichol), and Roberta Tuurraq Glenn-Borade (Iñupiaq) focus on their work in the climate change movement and promoting the act of close listening to the work of the ancestors and others doing the work. 

Read the full story here. 


Barbie Launches ‘Women in Film’ Doll Collection 

Anna Tingley, Variety 

For Barbie, this year’s “Career of the Year” pays homage to careers in the film industry, including a film director, studio executive, cinematographer, and a movie star. First started in 2010, the “Career of the Year” franchise has highlighted many industries such as medicine, science, journalism, and computer science. Last year’s “Career of the Year” introduced the Women in Sports doll that featured a General Manager, Coach, Referee, and Sports Reporter. This year’s inspiration for Mattel’s Career of the Year Barbie stems from Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” blockbuster from this past summer.  

Read the full story here. 

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