Media Round Up: Week of March 22nd

Happy Friday! Welcome to our Media Round Up. Each week we’re collecting and sharing our favorite gender + politics stories. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Young Voters Know What They Want. But They Don’t See Anyone Offering It.

Maggie Astor, New York Times

Millennial and Gen Z voters finally have enough power to choose the future leaders of the U.S. But according to reporter Maggie Astor, there’s a circular problem – they feel like no one is speaking to them, so they don’t vote, so candidates continue to ignore them. This generational tension has left many young voters feeling excluded from political parties and shut out of the system.

You can read the full article here.

How Nancy Pelosi’s unlikely rise turned her into the most powerful woman in U.S. history

Karen Tumulty, The Washington Post

As the highest-ranking woman elected official in United States history, Nancy Pelosi is a powerhouse leader. She spoke with columnist Karen Tumulty about her rise to power, recent second act, and hope for the next generation of women in power. Pelosi says, “But as I say to the women, nobody ever gives away power. If you want to achieve that, you go for it. But when you get it, you must use it.”

You can read the full article here.

Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren Should Be the Faces of the Democratic Coronavirus Response

Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate

Democrats need a clearly visible public response to the coronavirus. Ben Mathis-Lilley argues that Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren are the best women for the job. Their left-moderate partnership and experience handling coronavirus publicly already may be a winning combination for the Democratic party.

You can read the full article here.

Women should be eligible for the draft, commission recommends

Lara Seligman, Politico

A new recommendation to Congress from a mandated commission recommends that women be required to register for the military draft. The report does not demand action, but it paves the way for Congress to take up legislation. A proposal to expand the draft was first proposed in 2016, and calls to expand the requirement to women have grown since.

You can read the full article here.

The coronavirus puts child care sector in need of a bailout

Elizabeth Warren, Bruce Mann, Joseph Kennedy III, Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, Katherine Clark, Ayanna Pressley, and Conan Harris, The Boston Globe

In this op-ed, some of Massachusetts’s most influential politicians and their spouses argue for support of the child care sector. With COVID-19 forcing the closure of schools and child care centers, providers’ lost incomes may mean they lose housing and the ability to ever reopen. Federal emergency funds are necessary to ensure centers can waive fees for families, but still stay safe, support employees, and remain in business.

You can read the full article here.


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