Quotes We Love in Honor of Immigrant Heritage Month

BLFF Team | Aug 8, 2023


June 2023 marked the first Immigrant Heritage Month, celebrating the contributions of immigrants to America. In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, below are quotes we love from women politicians who are immigrants or second generation.


Tammy Duckworth (D-IL): 1st Thai American woman elected to Congress

“Healing is always possible and that the lowest moments can lead to the greatest heights.”


Mazie Hirono (D-HI): 1st U.S. Senator born in Japan

“There need to be many more of us in here. I am going to make sure that happens.” (In reference to Asian woman in politics)


Ilhan Omar (D-MN): 1st Somali American in Congress

“If your freedom relies on my oppression, then neither of us are free.”


Michelle Steel (R-CA): 1st Korean-American Congresswoman from California

“The beauty of America is that everyone has the opportunity to build their own American dream.”


Young Kim (R-CA): 1st Korean American Congresswomen from California

“I really hope that my story can inspire immigrants, especially young girls, that thy too can achieve their dreams, just like I did.”


Sabina Matos (D-RI): 1st Dominican-American elected to statewide office in the U.S.

“I am now at a stage where I feel that I am not interested in eliminating my accent. I believe that my accent makes me [as I am], and it says a lot about my history, about who I am.”



Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): 1st Latina and Cuban woman elected to Congress

“No matter where you are from, no matter what your background is, no matter what your socioeconomic status is, every person can achieve his or her dreams.”


Nydia Velazques (D-NY): 1st Puerto Rican woman elected to Congress

“Let me tell you, I am nobody’s puppet.”


Mia Love (R-UT): 1st Haitian American woman elected to Congress

“Difficult things aren’t easy, but they’re worth it.”


Kamala Harris (D): 1st woman, Jamaican and South Asian-American Vice President

“What I want young women and girls to know is: You are powerful and your voice matters.”


Ruthzee Louijuene (D): 1st Haitian-American City Councilor from Boston

“… I want to create spaces where we can all come together and where we feel like a strong, fortified community.”

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