Gender at the Oklahoma Primary


Bernie Sanders was hoping to reprise his 2016 victory in the Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary this year but Joe Biden won the state by double digits.

What do we know about the women of Oklahoma who voted in the Democratic primary on Super Tuesday?

In terms of turnout, women once again made up a majority of Democratic primary voters – totaling 53% of the electorate.


Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

Overall, Joe Biden did the best among female Democratic primary voters with 37% compared to Sanders at 21%, Bloomberg at 18%, and Warren at 16%.


Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

And what about the gender gap – how did women differ from men in who they supported?

Similar to other contests, men were more likely than women to support Sanders (a 9 point gap). On the other end of the spectrum, however, we saw Michael Bloomberg with a higher than usual gender gap of 9 points.  Women were also more likely than men to support Elizabeth Warren (a 5 point gap).


Source: 3/3/20 Oklahoma Exit Poll/Edison Research/National Election Pool

Note: The Oklahoma Republican Party did hold a presidential preference contest with President Trump receiving 93% of the vote. There is no exit poll data available.


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