Media Round Up: Week of September 1st


Happy Friday! Welcome to our Media Round Up. Each week we’re collecting and sharing our favorite gender + politics stories. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

I read every 2020 frontrunner’s labor platform so you didn’t have to

By Alexia Fernandez Campbell, Vox

With another Labor Day in the books, what better time is there to take a look at the presidential candidates’ labor platforms? Alexia Fernandez Campbell breaks down the policies of each 2020 candidate, and one inspiring trend emerges: a call to reform for women in the workplace. From equal pay to paid parental leave, the candidates’ focus on women shows the power of having multiple women on the campaign trail.

You can read the full article here.

The Gillibrand Test Case for Women in Politics

By Lisa Lerer, New York Times

Although Kirsten Gillibrand has ended her bid for the presidency, her campaign has taught us a lot about the advances women have made in politics, as well as the barriers they still face. On one hand, Gillibrand flipped the script by embracing her femininity, motherhood, and “women’s issues” more than any other candidate. On the other hand, her likability was still questioned by voters. Take a look to see the successes and pitfalls of Gillibrand’s campaign.

You can read the full article here.

They Persisted: These candidates are back in the ring to prove that 2018 wasn’t a singular “year of the woman.”

By Megan Kimble, The Texas Observer

A record-breaking number of women ran for office in 2018 and won, and 2018 was hailed the “year of the women.” But even the women who didn’t win their races are building off 2018’s momentum as they cast their bids again in 2020. Megan Kimble looks at six of these women candidates in Texas, one of whom says, “I didn’t run just to see if I could do it once and that’s it. I really cared about those issues. Those issues didn’t go away when the election ended.”

You can read the full article here

Of Course the Female Presidential Candidates Remain Friends

By Michelle Ruiz, Vogue

Men can afford to swap punches on the campaign trail. After all, they’ve already won and lost every presidency since the beginning of our democracy. Women, on the other hand, are on the cusp of something new. While the five women candidates are just as ambitious and competitive as the men, they understand that their candidacies represent something bigger than themselves. As Michelle Ruiz writes, “Win or lose, they’re all running against the patriarchy.”

You can read the full article here.

You, Yes You, Are Qualified to Run for Office (And Here’s Why You Should)

By Mary Sue Staff, The Mary Sue

Thinking about running for office? Check out Represent: The Women’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World by June Diane Raphael and Kate Black. In addition to offering invaluable campaign advice, Raphael and Black dispel the myths about elitism and sexism that often keep women from running. The Mary Sue says, “Men aren’t waiting, and neither should any woman.”

You can read the full article here.


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