Gender at the Alabama Primary


Joe Biden had his biggest win of the night in Alabama where he defeated second place finisher Bernie Sanders by 46 points.

What do we know about the women of Alabama who voted in the Democratic primary on Super Tuesday?

In terms of turnout, women once again made up a majority of Democratic primary voters – totaling 61% of the electorate.  This is the highest percentage of female turnout we have seen in the 2020 contests thus far but roughly in line with turnout in Alabama’s 2016 Democratic  primary where women made up 60% of the electorate.


Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

Because of his sizable overall margin of victory, Joe Biden won across almost every demographic, including women.  The former Vice President captured a whopping 65% of female voters.  The next highest vote getter among women was Bernie Sanders at 14%, followed by Mike Bloomberg at 12%, and Elizabeth Warren at 6%.


Source: National Election Pool/Edison Research

And what about the gender gap – how did women differ from men in who they supported?

Similar to other contests, men were more likely than women to support Sanders (a 6 point gap).  Women were more likely than men to support the other candidates with a 1 point gap for Bloomberg and Warren, and a 4 point gap for Joe Biden.


Source: 3/3/20 Alabama Exit Poll/Edison Research/National Election Pool

Note: The Alabama Republican Party did hold a primary election with significant turnout due to a highly competitive primary for the U.S. Senate between former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former NCAA football coach Tommy Tuberville, and accused child molester and 2017 nominee Roy Moore.  In the presidential preference, President Trump received 96% of the vote compared to former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld with 2% of the vote.  There was no Republican Exit Poll conducted.

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